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Creating Your Listing


Step 1. Your Crowdwindow Account.

Sign In to your Crowdwindow User Account, or Register a Free Crowdwindow User Account.





Step 2. Getting Paid.

To Post Auctions and/or Fixed Price Listings onto the Crowdwindow Market place and get Paid by Buyers, you must:

A. Reside in one of the Supported Countries.

B. Create or Connect a Stripe Account.


REFERENCE: Supported Countries and Payment Methods.




Step 3. Creating your Listing. 

Complete the information for you listing:


A. (Auction & Fixed Price) Select the correct Category and Sub Category appropriate to your Auction Item/s or Fixed Price Item/s.


B. (Auction & Fixed Price) Enter a Title for your Listing.


C. (Auction & Fixed Price) Enter a Detailed Description (with specifications) of your Items/s. Be truthful about the condition of your Item/s (e.g. if scratches or scuffs are almost invisible, still mention these).


D. (Auction & Fixed Price) Upload up to 10 good quality Photographs of your Item/s. These must be real recent photographs of your Item/s (NOT marketing or catalogue pictures sourced/copied/grabbed from elsewhere).

Include close up photographs of an damage (scratches, scuffs etc).



E. (Auction & Fixed Price) Enter the Location Address of your Item/s. This is where your Item/s will be 'sent from' or 'collected from'. This is also where your Item/s are if they are 'Static' such as: property/land/vacation/boat etc. 


F. (Fixed Price) Tick the "Publish as Fixed Price/classified ad" box if you DO NOT want your Item/s to be offered up as a bidding Auction. 

When the "Publish as Fixed Price/classified ad" box is ticked, the information required will be reduced and you only have to enter the a "Start Price" (your selling price) and any relevant "Shipping/Handling fee".


G. (Auction) Select the Start Date of your Auction Listing from the pop-up calendar box.


H. (Auction) Select the Duration in Days that you want your Auction to run for.


I. (Auction) Enter a Start Price for your Auction and select the Currency that you want your Auction Listing to display.


J. OPTIONAL. (Auction) Select the "Buy Now" option if you want to allow Users to make an instant purchase of your Item/s for a pre-set amount. (If a buyer opts to "Buy Now" then your Auction will automatically end). 


K. OPTIONAL. (Auction & Fixed Price) If your Items/s are to be shipped/delivered to any successful Buyer, then you need to enter the Total amount that you require to pay for the shipping (inlcuding any taxes, duties etc.).


L. OPTIONAL. (Auction) Enter a Reserve Price if you require a minimum amount of money for your Item/s and do not want to risk your Item/s selling for a lower amount than you require.


M. (Auction) As it is not guaranteed that your Item/s will successfully sell during your Auction Duration, you may set your Auction to "Auto Relist" and your Auction will Automatically run again if your Item/s remain unsold.


N. (Auction & Fixed Price) When you are happy with the information that you have entered for your Listing, then you click the "Publish Item" Button.

You can make certain edits to your Auction after it has been published, however details such as: dates, prices, duration, choosing fixed price etc. cannot be changed.  





 Step 4. Managing your Listing.

When you have published your Auction Listing or Fixed Price Listing, you can go to your 'Manage your listings' in your User Control Panel to see all of your Listings.

If you click the 'view' button you will see your full Listing and make edits if you want to.





Step 5. Making your Listing 'Premium or Highlighted'.

You can also choose to 'Make Premium' or 'Highlight' your Listing.

If you choose either option a Payment pop-up from will appear to pay for the option you have chosen.






Standard Listings are Free. They are found in 'specific word search' and seen when browsing Categories.







Highlighted Listings are $10. They are found in 'specific word search' and seen when browsing Categories.

However the bright yellow highlighting 'stands out' and draws visitors attention.




PREMIUM LISTING (+ Social Media Blast + Email Blast)


Premium Listings are $20. They are found in 'specific word search and displayed on the home page and seen at the Top when browsing categories.

Premium Listings also benefit from a Social Media Blast (to the Crowdwindow Social Media Network).







If you intend to be a Seller or Buyer on the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace, we encourage you to first read through our Information Pages:

Overview,  Creating Your Listing,  How to Bid and Buy,  Prohibited Items,  Supported Countries and Payment Methods,  Terms and Conditions,  Seller Terms,  Buyer Terms,  Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


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