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About the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace.

Who owns the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace ?

The Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace is owned and operated by Crowdwindow Ltd. 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England. N1 7GU. United Kingdom.


When was English version of The Crowdwindow Online Marketplace launched ?

The 'English version' Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace was launched in March 2020.

The developers and technical team based in Amsterdam have 15 years of experience maintaining Online Auctions.



About Payments.

Which Payment Processing Company is used to process payments on the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace ?

Stripe is used to process the payments 'by Buyers', 'to Sellers' and 'by Sellers' to Crowdwindow Ltd for the services provided.

The Stripe payment service that is integrated into the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace is Stripe Connect.


What methods of Payment can I use to pay Sellers for Auction Items/s ?

You can pay using any Major Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), Bancontact, Giropay, Ideal and Sofort, depending on your Country.

Please refer to our Supported Countries and Payment Methods information page.


How and when do I get paid for the Items/s that I sell and handover ?

The Buyer makes payment to your Stripe Account before you Handover the Item/s to the Buyer. Stripe transfers the funds to you Bank Account in accordance with the Stripe service procedures.


If I am the winning Bidder of a an Auction, when and how do I pay ?

If you are the lucky winning bidder of a Sellers Auction, you automatically enter into a Contract of Sale. You must pay for the Sellers Item/s within 3 working days of recieving it (delivered to you, or collected by you) using the online payment system. 

The payment is made to the Sellers Stripe Account and then transferred to the Sellers Bank Account in accordance with the Stripe service procedures. 



About Auctions & Auction Item/s.

What are Auction Item/s ?

Auction Items are the Items that a Seller has offered up for Auction in the Sellers Auction.


Do my Auction Item/s enter into an Auction with Auction Item/s from other Users/Sellers ?

NO. On the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace you are running your own individual Sellers Auction.  


Can I offer up anything for Auction on the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace ?

NO. There are Prohibited Items. Please refer to our Prohibited Items information page.


What pictures can I post on my Auction ?

You can post up to 10 Photographs. The photographs must be of the actual Sellers Auction Item/s that are included in the Sellers Auction. (Marketing/catalogue images are prohibited).

The photographs should jpeg format and be minimum 1,000x1,000 pixels in size.


Can I re-list my Auction if it does not sell ?

YES. You if the Bids do not reach your Reserve Price, or if it is set to 'buy now' and there is no buyer during your Auction running period, then you can Relist your Auction and try again.

You can re-list manually, or you do also have the option when creating your Seller Auction, to set it to Auto-relist.


Can I withdraw an Auction ?

Sellers Auctions may be withdraw before they are published on the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace and visible to other Users.

After your Auction has been published you cannot change the conditions that are attached to your Auction. In exceptional circumstances, subject to providing certain information, we may agree to withdraw a Sellers Auction before its end date. However, if we do remove the Auction, you (the Seller) are liable for cancellation costs.



About Countries.

Can I post an Auction or Fixed Price listing on the Crowdwindow Online Marketplace if I live in any Country ?

Anyone who resides and has a bank account in any of the 35 Supported Countries can post an Auction Listing or Fixed Price Listing on the Crowdwindow Online Marketplace subject to the Terms and Conditions of Crowdwindow Ltd and our Payment Service Providers.

Please refer to our Supported Countries and Payment Methods information page.


Can I Bid for and Buy Auction Item/s or purchase Fixed pirce Item/s if I live in any Country ?

You can Bid for and Buy Sellers Auction Item/s and purchase Sellers Fixed Price Items posted on the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace from anywhere in the World, subject to the laws and regulations of your Country and the Sellers Country.



About Public Profiles.

Can I stop Users from seeing my Mobile Number ?

YES. You can remove your mobile number from your Public Profile information in your control Panel and then it will not display on Crowdwindow.


Can I stop Users from seeing my House Number ?

YES. You can remove your House Number from your Public Profile information in your control Panel and then it will not display on Crowdwindow.


Can I hide my residence location completely from Users ?

NO. You must show at least the Town/City & Country. 



About Addresses.

Is the Address in my Profile Information the same as the Address for my Auction Lisitings ?

NO. When you create a Listing the Address details are for the actual location of the Listing Item/s. e.g. Where your Boat is moored that you are selling in your Auction.


Can I hide my Listing Location ?

NO. Auction Listing locations enable buyers to easily see on Google Maps if collecting your Auction Item/s is feasible and also gives confidence to potential buyers that you a selling item/s from a specific country. e.g. That the Item/s you are selling will be coming from USA instead of actually being shipped from China.


What is the minimum that I can enter for my Listing Location ?

The least that you can enter for your Listing Location is the Street/Road, Town/City and Country. There needs to be enough for Google Maps to be able to display a reasonably accurate location. (approx 3 sq miles).



About User Accounts.

Are there any Age Restrictions for using the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace ?

YES. Before being able to use the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace you are required to create a User Account by providing all of the requested information.

Users must be minimum 18 years old, or 16 years old if they have express permission from their legal guardian of minimum 18 years old.


Can I use the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace as a Professional ?

YES. You can use the Crowdwindow Online marketplace as a Professional Seller or Professional Buyer, but you must state this when creating your Account and provide some extra information required of Professionals.



About Delivery of Seller Item/s.

Who is responsible for the shipping and shipping costs of a Sellers Item/s ?

The Seller is responsible for arranging, costing, packaging and shipping of the Sellers Item/s to Buyers and for giving an accurate total cost for the shipping (including taxes, duties etc.).

The Buyer is responsible for paying the Shipping costs (including taxes, duties etc.) to the Seller, of the total amount that the Seller has entered and advised in the Sellers listing.



About Disputes between Users.

What do I do if I have a dispute with another Crowdwindow Online Auction User ?

Sellers and Buyers are obliged to try all means possible to resolve and dispute between themselves.


What do I do if I cannot resolve a dispute directly with another Crowdwindow Online Auction User ?

In exceptional circumstances on and on written request to us, we will make reasonable efforts to mediate between Users, however any such decision by us has no effect on the validity of any Contract of Sale. We cannot be held liable to pay any damages or other compensation to any Users if they don’t agree with our decision.

All Contracts of Sale between Sellers and Buyers on the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace are governed by English law, however as a User you acknowledge that international private law may result in laws other than English law being applicable to the Contract of Sale entered into by Users.




If you intend to be a Seller or Buyer on the Crowdwindow Online Auction Marketplace, we encourage you to first read through our Information Pages:

Overview,  Creating Your Listing,  How to Bid and Buy,  Prohibited Items,  Supported Countries and Payment Methods,  Terms and Conditions,  Seller Terms,  Buyer Terms,  Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


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